Exploring Bottle Beach Koh Phangan | All You Need To Know


After settling in Koh Phangan for several weeks, I was ready to explore the famous Thai island. I had already driven across the jungle, enjoyed a few epic sunsets and found some fun waterfalls (as well as natural pools). When I first moved to Koh Phangan, I had to look for the best beaches on the island, and one of them caught my attention: Bottle Beach.

Where is Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach is a secluded beach located on the northern part of the island. By secluded, I mean that this beach isn’t on everyone’s list as it’s hard to get there.

How to Get to Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan

There are a few different options when it comes to getting to Bottle Beach. Some are, obviously, safer than others.

You can get a local boat around Chalok Lam Beach.  You simply have to go talk with the captains and ask them to bring you to Bottle Beach. We actually used this option to get back (so, the other way around) as we were too tired to hike back.

You can expect to pay anything between TBH 100 and 150 for a one-way depending on how many people you are.

Scootering to Bottle Beach:

There’s a road that can bring you all the way to Bottle Beach, although you must be an experienced driver to take this option as it’s going to be pretty steep. I haven’t done this option but I read it can be quite dangerous, so it won’t be a good idea if the road is wet.  Although, if you’re not fit enough to hike, this could be an option (or you could always take the boat).

We opted for the hiking option as we were going to Bottle Beach with a group of friends. It was personally on my list of “hikes to do in Koh Phangan” anyway. We first met up at the 7/11 next to Chalok Lam Beach to get more water and snacks before the hike.  

Then, we head towards “Trek for Bottle Beach” starting point on Google Maps. We actually had to park a bit before, as the road closes at some point. We parked our scooters here, not too far from Haad Khom Beach. 

We started walking towards the starting point and the challenge started.

What can you expect from Bottle Beach hike?

I’d say this hike is not for beginners unless you consider yourself to be fit. It’s a bit challenging at the beginning as it can be quite steep, but eventually, you’re going to go down too to reach Bottle Beach. This part can be quite slippery as there’s a lot of sand and gravels.

I had read that the hike should take about 1h20. It took us a bit longer (about 1h45) but we did stop a few times to enjoy the view, eat a snack and rest.

Ideally, the earlier, the better. It can get quite hot and humid out there so you’re going to sweat a lot. We started our hike around 11h30AM and it was super hot. So, if you’re planning on doing this hike, you should do it in the morning before the sun hits you too much.

Note: Apparently, there are two trails you can take – I personally only saw one option and couldn’t find any more info about the other one.

Exploring Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach is pretty quiet if you compare to other beaches in Koh Phangan.  The beach is pretty wide so you can find a spot for your things. You can rent a kayak, play volleyball, go for a swim or enjoy the view. There are a few restaurants on the beach so you can grab lunch while you’re there.

Sadly Leaving Bottle Beach

To leave Bottle Beach, you can either hike back, drive back or get the taxi boat back. The captains are normally hanging out not too far from their boats in the shade.

We asked them to bring us back to Haad Khom Beach (where we also spotted monkeys). That beach was empty and very beautiful too by the way. Then, we had to walk up for about 5-10 minutes to reach the parking where we left our scooters. This walk up wasn’t the easiest. We were pretty tired and dehydrated. So, make sure you keep some water for that bit too.

Accommodation Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

If you’re planning on having a relaxing stay far from the crowds and the parties, staying at Bottle Beach could be a brilliant option. You can find resorts and bungalows which are pretty affordable (around TBH 400 per night). In 2019, there are only 4 properties located on Bottle Beach.