Exploring Than Sadet Waterfall, Koh Phangan


Exploring Than Sadet Waterfall, Koh Phangan

If you need a break from the crowds and the parties in Koh Phangan, you might want to find peaceful and unique things to do in Koh Phangan. You could go on a day trip to Than Sadet Waterfall and Haad Than Sadet (Than Sadet Beach). Officially, the area is known as Than Sadet National Park. There are a few waterfalls in the park, as well as fun adventurous activities such as zip-lines and ATV adventures.

Let’s see how you can make the most of your day trip to Than Sadet, Koh Phangan.

How to Get to Than Sadet Waterfall

The best way to get to Than Sadet National Park is by scooter. You can normally rent a scooter for about TBH 150-200 per day. They normally ask for either your passport or a TBH 2000 deposit. (If you’re thinking of staying long-term, you can get a scooter for a monthly rate which is around TBH 3500.

When you reach Than Sadet Waterfall, you’ll find a small shop at the entrance. You must buy something (you can buy a bottle of water for TBH 20) in order to visit the waterfall. The local man who has the shop is lovely.

Then, you can reach the waterfall easily as it’s only 100 metres away from the shop.  When we first saw the waterfall, we were surprised – there were a lot of water pipes which was kind of destroying the view. Although, when you hike down the waterfall, the views are gorgeous. (Be careful, some rocks can be quite slippery!)

Exploring Than Sadet Waterfall

Than Sadet Waterfall might be the best waterfall in Koh Phangan! With its refreshing natural pools, you’re going to cool down in this heat!

When we got there, there were only two other people on the site. Later on, two more people joined.

Exploring Haad Than Sadet

After the waterfall, we decided to find a beach so we can drink coconut and go for a swim. We found Haad Than Sadet, which is a pretty beach on the east coast.

What to Pack for Your Day Trip

Where to Stay in Koh Phangan

Going to Koh Phangan next? Here are a few options for your stay in Koh Phangan.

Budget: See Sea Backpackers House / Na-Tub Hostel / BeauBo Beach

Mid-range: Carpe Diem Residence / Buri Rasa / Zama Resort

Luxury: Somewhere only we know / Skymoon Resort / Anantara Rasananda