Incredible Places to Visit in Hampi in One Day | Hampi Travel Guide


Here’s my quick Hampi travel guide to help you plan your time in one of the most fabulous cities in India. From which places to visit in Hampi in one day (or more) to where to stay, you’ll also find general information on how to get there and what to expect followed by the cool excursions to do around Hampi in one day. Obviously, you should travel Hampi while you’re in India!

How to Get to Hampi from Bangalore

We took a bus from Bangalore to Hampi, which we booked via RedBus. There are many options, but all of them are overnight buses. We took the cheapest option which was with Suvarnamukhi Travels. The fare for this journey was INR 449 and you will reach your destination in approximately 7 hours. Kindly note that the final destination is Hospet, not Hampi.

How to Get from Hospet to Hampi

When you arrive in Hospet you can take a tuk-tuk which takes between 30 and 45 minutes to reach Hampi or you could also try to get an Uber. We personally arrived just in time for sunrise, which was absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed it from our comfortable tuk-tuk (and it was bloody cold by the way!)

Best Place to Stay in Hampi | Hampi Resorts

During our Hampi trip, we had the privilege to stay at Evolve Back Hampi, which was absolutely amazing! As soon as we reached the main gate we were already amazed by the place. We arrived pretty early and the staff made us feel very welcome even though we were way too early to check-in.

We made a tour of the property including all categories of rooms and let me tell you that this place is simply incredible. It’s literally a massive palace that will make you feel like a prince or a princess. If your budget isn’t tight, it’s the perfect place where to stay when it comes to planning your Hampi itinerary.

Room Categories | Evolve Back Hampi

During our stay at Evolve Back, we had a tour to visit the different room categories. Our first night was a Nilaya Suite and our second night was in a Jal Mahal Suite, which is their most popular option!

During our stay at Evolve Back, we had a tour to visit the different room categories. Our first night was a Nilaya Suite and our second night was in a Jal Mahal Suite, which is their most popular option!

They also offer Zenana Suite, which is the most luxurious experience of them all – it’s basically a whole apartment located in the main palace.

To be fair, even the Nivasa room is absolutely gorgeous!  So, this means that whatever you prefer, you’ll likely be pleased with what you’re about to experience!

My favorite of them all was Jal Mahal Suite, a whole private villa-style suite, including an outdoor jacuzzi and a private pool. With a bathtub, an indoor shower, an outdoor shower, and a massive bedroom as well as a huge living room, I had the impression I was living in a castle!

Restaurants | Evolve Back Hampi

There are two different restaurants at the resort. One which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with different kind of cuisines, and another one that serves Indian specialties for dinner. The food was absolutely amazing with many options to pick from!

Spa Ther

I experienced a rejuvenation therapy while I was there. They have many options to pick from as well as beauty therapies. I personally picked the one called “Abhyanga” which was a 60 minutes full body massage with medicated oils performed by two therapists. The main goals of this therapy are to stimulate your energy centers, make you relax and revive you!

It was such a cool/different/unique experience. First, the fact that you have 4 hands massaging your body makes you lose focus so you can truly enjoy the experience. It was my very first “full body massage”. Don’t get me wrong, I had full body massages before but they were never performed this way. The two ladies made me feel super comfortable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Also, this was pretty unusual to me, but they spent around 10 minutes massaging my head/hair and yes, my hair was covered in oil. It felt so good though!

At the end of the massage, I sat in what I would call a steam box for a few minutes and then I hopped in the shower. The mission was accomplished; I felt super relaxed and alive!

Excursions around Hampi | Best Places to Visit in Hampi in One Day

During our Hampi trip, we did three different excursions featuring the famous Hampi must see with Evolve Back Hampi: The Raya Trail, Vitthalapura Walk and Tungabhadra Trek.

We visited amazing places such as the Lotus Mahal, the Royal complex, the Virupaksha Temple, the Stone Chariot Temple and the Vittahala Temple.

My favorite moment was definitely the sunset in front of Virpasksha Temple (the gold temple) as I was hanging out with the monkeys and admiring the best views out there.

I really enjoyed the little towns surrounding Hampi where you can see the ”real India” with many animals hanging around. I’ve seen pretty much everything around there from pigs to goats, cows to chickens, sheep to dogs, it was definitely interesting to see!

Hampi’s nature was truly beautiful. The colorful contrasts were totally my cup of tea! It reminded me of Aus