Live Music in Miami and Where to Find It


Once you travel to Miami, you will find what a vibrant and diverse music scene it has. Like a kaleidoscope of many cultures intermingling with each other, you can find anything from punk, rock, jazz, reggae, Latin and so on. Miami counts not only with some of the most renowned clubs in the US, but also live music venues that can bring a new dimension to the type of entertainment you can expect.

If you are on vacation and want to check out some of the live music venues that Miami has to offer, you might want to plan your route first. Choose the venues that are closest to you for one day and the furthest to visit later, then, I recommend you rent a car to have the freedom and safety to go around checking concerts and live performances. Also, take into account entrance fees (if any), ticket prices and parking at the venues. Who knows? Maybe your next favorite song or artist is just around the corner.

Why live music?

When most people think about music, what tends to come to mind is Spotify, YouTube, maybe a Walkman if you are a bit old school or an MP3 player. But, when was the last time you saw a live performance? One thing is to listen to your favorite artist or band while riding the bus or listening to the radio in your car, but to actually be there and watch them perform is a whole new thing.

Now the question becomes, why go through the hustle of attending a concert? There are five reasons why you should not miss the opportunity when given the chance.  

  • The effort: It´s very easy to underestimate how much work is put into creating a song and then play it in front of an audience. At a concert, you can see it firsthand. All the commitment, dedication, energy, and passion that are placed within that one performance.
  • How did they do that? If you want to know the needy-greedy of performance, this is how you do it. Have you ever wondered how a band accomplishes a particular sound? How they achieve their stage presence? Maybe you want to find new combinations of instruments or you might be curious about lighting, sound equipment… whatever the case may be, you will most likely be able to see what you are looking for.
  • Get disconnected: A big part of our lives is spent on our phones; you can even see performances there. Going to a live event is a great way to unplug from our devices, enjoy the present, and have a jolly good time.
  • Support the artist: It might seem a little obvious, but by buying tickets and merch you are supporting your favorite band and helping them keep doing what they love and what you love them for.
  • Sharing is caring:  One of the biggest aspects of life is sharing; it can be with the people you love or sometimes with complete strangers that have something in common, concerts and live performances lend themselves very well for this, as music is a great way to bond. As a personal note, I met one of my dearest friends at a concert. Moreover, music can also create memories that can last a lifetimeé

Live Music Venues in Miami

Now what we came for, these are the “bee`s knees”, here are some of the best live music venues in Miami.

  • The Fillmore has been in Miami Beach since 1950, it used to be the filming grounds for The Jackie Gleason Show. The now Live Nation owned venue is host to some serious touring acts like Janelle Monae, Father Jhon Misty and many more. This venue hits the sweet spot, it hosts performances that are not big enough for an arena but that is too large for a club.
  • The rock bar Las Rosas is one of the few places in Miami where you can still find free local music. With its live performances, great sound system and plenty of drinks, this is the place to go if you want to mosh pit like there is no tomorrow.
  • Wynwood Yard is an outdoor bohemian venue surrounded by food trucks and local vendors. This venue normally has chilled music like reggae, country and even folk music. It has everything you may need, drinks, food, fresh air, a place to park your rental car, and live music.
  • Hoy Como Ayer is the home of original Cuban music, located in Little Havana, this place has arguably the best Latin music in Miami. Some of its clients claim that it transports you to Cuba as soon as you go in, making it an experience no one should miss. Although remember, if you go, your dance skills will be put to the test.   
  • Not only known for being the home of the Miami Heat, but the American Airlines Arena also serves as one of the largest venues for concerts in Miami. That is probably one of the reasons why, the AAA is normally the host of the biggest acts passing through Miami such as Elton Jhon, Kendrick Lamar, Twenty One Pilots, and many more.
  • Having capacity for 10,000 people, Klipsch Amphitheatre is sure to attract some big performances like Modest Mouse, Weezer and The Cure. It offers lawn and fixed sitting, so there is something for everyone.

You are most likely not going to be able to attend to all of these in just one day, so try to divide them into groups so you can visit them in the spawn of a couple of days. You can do nocturnal venues such as Las Rosas, Wynwood Yard, and Hoy Como Ayer, this is where a rental car comes in handy so can go from one place to another without worrying about how late to stay and where your things are. Just remember to have a designated driver and drink responsibly so you can party and listen to awesome music without a care in the world. Then look at the events at the bigger venues like AAA and Klipsch as a one-day trip.