Luxury Train Travel in India With The Deccan Odyssey


What it’s like to be traveling on a luxury train travel in India, how to pick the right train/itinerary and how to get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Here’s a unique way to experience traveling in India!

India was on my list for years! I didn’t know if I was ready for it if it would be challenging if it would be too hard or shocking. I was prepared for the worst. More importantly, I knew I’d have a smooth transition as I was about to experience something special.

When I got an invitation from Incredible India to board the Deccan Odyssey, which is a luxury train in India, I was so happy. There I was, running like an hyper-active kid! I had finally the opportunity to visit India! I would be going on a luxury train for a week discovering Maharashtra.  As there was no way I would see enough of India in a week. I was already planning to pursue this journey with my friend Raphael of Journey Wonders. 

I was super glad I could take a small break from backpacking and living in Bali for a few weeks! Who would say no to luxury? Taking a luxury trip to India seemed like a great idea.

Let’s take a sneak peak of what it’s like to be traveling on a luxury train trip in India, how to pick the right train/itinerary and how to get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Going on a luxury train in India is a great way to travel comfortably! You basically get to see the best of a country without wasting time while you’re sleeping.

The Deccan Odyssey offers six different Indian journeys covering different destinations such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan (take a look at these Rajasthan tour packages for more inspiration) and Gujarat. If you didn’t realize it yet, India is a huge country! It can also get tricky as some destinations seem to be close to each other, but in reality, the way to get there can be pretty long! Traveling by train is a smart idea so you can avoid traffic and long bus rides.  

You should know that traveling by train in India can also get challenging! There are many classes and perhaps they don’t all suit your “normal standards”. For a smoother transition, going on a trip on a luxury train could be a smart and safe alternative!

What it’s like to be on the Deccan Odyssey, Luxury Train India

I have boarded many trains in my life but I had no idea what to expect from a luxury train. I spent a few minutes looking at the Deccan Odyssey website and still I had no idea how amazing it would turn out to be!

imagine being on a train and discovering a new destination every day. Every morning musicians and traditional experiences would be waiting to welcome you. You would get to see some of the best places in India without having to pack and unpack every day. This hassle-free luxury trip would definitely be a great experience!

The train provides different types of cabins (single, twin or double) and you have the choice between a deluxe cabin and a presidential suite (which is a lot bigger).

There are also coaches reserved for the spa, restaurants, bar, gym, etc.  

All breakfasts and dinners were served on the train as well as some lunches. Of course, depending on your itinerary, this could change. Overall the food was absolutely amazing! Every day we had a different menu which was including appetizer, soup, main and desserts. There were a few options for international cuisine and also an Indian option for every meal. As I was already traveling in Asia for a while my taste buds were pretty content!